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5 Incredible Pinterest Statistics

1. Active users

Pinterest has 335 million+ monthly active users with 88 million from United States alone. It is an incredible platform which showcases your business to a huge set of audience. You can tap the demographics as per your preference that includes gender, age, locality, etc. A single Pinterest user usually is expected to spend on an average of 14.2 minutes.

2. Product Discovery

Average number of monthly searches on Pinterest is 2 Billion and almost two-thirds are usually related to products, brands, and businesses. Hence, it is highly preferred as an excellent product discovery platform for all businesses. The visual nature of the Pinterest makes it a considerable choice to target the audience. When you hire the best Pinterest marketing services, you can reach the right audience.

3. Global Presence

As you know Pinterest comprises more than two-thirds of users residing outside the United States. In fact, every year the Pinterest users are increasing and the user growth is also growing high. Considering Pinterest stats, it is one of the best marketing strategies to focus on international users. It is also one of the popular social media platforms which has high referral potential as well. This platform is highly influential in the retails engagement.

4. Influence Buying Decision

According to stats, 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest while 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline. Six out of every ten millennials use Pinterest to discover new products and 50% have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin. This show how Pinterest can be a great tool for eCommerce and small businesses.

5. Brand Building

Good Pinterest marketing strategies including the keyword research, profile setup etc, additionally pin management can easily boost brand awareness. It is one of the best and most cost-effective social media platforms or start-ups and small businesses. With a short period, you can effortlessly build a brand.

Why it is better than other social media platforms?

Instagram may be the hottest social media platform right now, but it is a newbie when it comes to a veteran like Pinterest. Instagram only recently garnered attention but Pinterest has had its own set of followers for quite some time.

Pinterest was a greater hit than Facebook and other social media platforms because it had a wide variety of posts and a huge collection of media. This made it an ideal source to obtain multimedia content and also for marketing purposes (like on Instagram).

Pinterest also has a very unique function that allows it to pin favorites to an online 'Board’ in their profile. Pinterest offers a wider variety than other social media accounts. It offers amazing business opportunities and it is the best social media platform that helps to share ideas.

Pinterest has a more powerful search engine than most other social media has; its reliance on keywords helps strengthen search and helps generate more accurate results. Pinterest is the best place on the internet to find artwork, making it the ideal ground for displaying one’s artistic works and prowess. That’s why Pinterest is better than other social media platforms.

Benefits of Pinterest over other social media platforms

1. Incredible platform to express one’s creativity

Pinterest is a great place for individuals to express all of their creative insight and garner recognition from the world’s audience for their work. This is especially true for people who have an interest and talent in art, cooking, and business.

2. Finding a target specific audience

Pinterest does not just draw in a random audience, but it helps to attract target audiences who have a higher chance of becoming followers. Pinterest’s reliance on keywords helps to filter the audience and bring in the ones who have a higher tendency to truly appreciate one’s work.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO helps to make one’s work pop up more frequently when searched a la search engine. It can help increase one’s pin’s ranking thereby attracting more viewers towards it and the inbound link attached to that particular pin.

4. Gaining viral status

Another amazing fact about Pinterest is that it has a greater tendency to make one’s work go viral. This is especially true thanks to search engine optimization and Pinterest’s ability to attract the target audience.

5. Displaying one’s ideas, services or products to the internet market

Pinterest provides users amazing scope to promote their ideas, products or services thus helping convert more viewers into potential buyers. This is true especially for small-scale business people (who tend to have custom made or original products).

6. Keeping track with the help of Pinterest Analytics

With the help of Pinterest Analytics, one can easily keep track of how people interact with one’s particular pin and also to find out the best pin in one’s account (to help recreate the success of that pin). This way one can create target audience driven pins.

What We Offer

Pinterest Clean Up and Setup

Sometimes people keep on adding unnecessary things on their Pinterest or they setup their business account in a wrong way. We will setup your Pinterest account by optimizing your Boards with targeted keywords.

Keyword Optimization

Pinterest is a search-engine and using those keywords in your boards and Pin description is necessary to rank your Pins. We will research and test the keywords that works best for your business.

Pinterest Management

To stay ahead of the competition and to create a unique mark for yourself in the niche, it is a must to have an effective Pinterest strategy. Our Pinterest Management Service contributes to brand awareness and the overall growth of the business.

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