Pinterest Personal Account vs. Business Account

New to Pinterest?

Seeing multiple account options after creating one? And don’t know which one is right for you?

If yes, this post is perfect for you, as here we have information about different types of Pinterest accounts and which one you should use.

So, let’s start!

#1 Pinterest Personal Account

On Pinterest, Personal accounts are for individual users who browse through Pinterest, search and explore different ideas, save pins into their boards for later, and follow many creators or businesses.

Like other social media, people explore things, like and comment on posts, chat or message, and various other activities.

On a personal account, users can upload their profile pictures; they can see how many people they are following and how many people have followed them.

It is just like we use other social media to see posts and get inspiration & ideas.

#2 Pinterest Business Account

Business accounts are for people who have a business and want to build brand awareness and drive traffic and sales to their businesses.

If you have an e-commerce business, website, blog, or other business, you should have a Pinterest Business account.

On Pinterest Business accounts, you can add a profile picture along with a cover photo to make your profile more attractive.

Along with your followers and how many accounts you follow, business profiles have monthly visitors stat below the username.

As a business account, you can add and show your website in the profile; it will also show a verified badge or icon if you claim your website on Pinterest.

Here are some awesome features of Pinterest Business accounts for your business:

  • Pinterest Analytics: Pinterest analytics is really helpful for businesses. It shows a wide range of data that a business can use to create brand awareness and drive more sales & traffic. You can see total impressions, engaged audience, total outbound clicks, top-performing pins & boards, and many more using the analytics tool. [Note: Apart from all these analytics metrics. I often use Pinterest trends to create pins on trending topics in my niche.]
  • Rich Pins: A Rich pin on Pinterest can have more context than a normal pin. For example, a recipe can have all the ingredients list; a product can have features, availability prices, etc. As a business account, you can have Rich pins.
pinterest rich pins
  • Buyable Pins: If you sell products online, then buyable pins are great for you; these are special pins from which a user can buy your product without leaving the Pinterest app.
pinterest buyable pin
  • Pinterest Ads: Businesses often run ads to reach more targeted audiences. Like other social media, Pinterest has its Ads feature; you can run ads using its data, like keywords, popularity, demographics, interest, age, gender, income, and many more.

If you have a business, website, e-commerce, or blog, it is better to have a business account, as Pinterest’s analytics can help you a lot by providing valuable data.

Also, many people think personal accounts have more engagement than business accounts; they create personal accounts for businesses, but we have tested a lot, and it is not like that. If a business is creating good and valuable pins, it will see great engagement.

What is Pinterest Linked Business Account?

Pinterest Linked Account is a mix of both personal and business accounts, meaning you can create a personal account and also have business accounts with the same email.

You have to switch the account after logging in. So, after logging into your personal account, you can switch to your business account.

Therefore, If you have already created a personal account and now feel you need a business account, then you can create a business account linked to your personal account.

Anyone can link a maximum of four accounts with their personal account.

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