How to Clear Your Pinterest Feed? [Step-by-Step]

Having irrelevant and weird pins on your Pinterest feed?

Don’t worry; you’re not the only person; many of us often face this situation when Pinterest recommends pins we might not be more interested in.

But let me tell you; it is not difficult to clear a Pinterest feed that is loaded with Pins; you can easily reset all pins and recent activities.

If you face similar issues and want to reset or clear your Pinterest feed, then let’s read below.

How Does Pinterest Choose Your Feed?

Pinterest Smart Feed arranges Pins from people you follow, and the Smart Feed content generator chooses which Pins to show your feed.

Smart Feed is not a fixed algorithm; it checks many factors. It learns from experience and develops with feedback and knowledge gathered from user reactions. As you may have noticed, Smart Feed may look different in the next week or month.

As Pinterest keeps updating its algorithms to enhance the user experience and, to do so, focus on quality Pins.

Instead of looking at all the pins that come from the content generator, they recommend a good-quality, relevant one, although freshness plays a role in pin quality.

How to Clear Pinterest Feed & Delete Your Recent Activity

If you want to clear your Pinterest feed and not be annoyed with current recommendations, you need to clear recent activities or Pinterest home feed history.

You’ll read the steps below on how you can clean up your Pinterest feed. 

A few steps will help you reset your Pinterest feed easily.

  • First, open your web browser and type ‘’; it will redirect to the website associated with your country. All you need to do is log in to your Pinterest account
  • Then, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of your screen
  • After that, click on the down arrow in the top right corner of your profile page
  • Then, click on the down arrow followed by ‘Account settings’
  • Finally, click ‘Home Feed Tuner’ to clear or reset the Pinterest feed.

After you’ve done all those things, you can switch between the Board, History, or Topics tabs to turn off recommendations based on any board or unfollow any topic used for recommendations. Or, read below for better information on how to switch these settings easily.

Turn off all “History”

You know that after making all the settings on “Tune your home feed,” you will get to the “History” tab.

  • First, you have to edit your preferences
  • The History tab contains your past activities on Pinterest. It tracks which pins you are interacting with and reacting to. But you can change your preferences.
  • Pinterest sees those pins that you have already seen on Pinterest
  • You know it also shows you pins based on your most recently viewed pins on Pinterest
  • You can clear your Pinterest to feed current recommendations by deleting your recent activities, which means you have to turn off your history
  • Click on “Close all” to close your history on Pinterest

Disable “Board” recommendations

The next step is to disable board recommendations. In this step, you have to stop the recommendation pins.

  • First of all, you have to go to the Boards tab the help clicking Boards tab
  • Then you can see the boards you’ve created on Pinterest
  • Pinterest will also show you boards that are based on boards you’ve previously created on Pinterest
  • You want to prevent Pinterest from recommending Pins based on the boards you’ve created. then you have to turn it off
  • You have to change switches from black (enable) to white (disabled)
  • Finally, doing all the settings as per the steps, your Pinterest feed will not have pins based on the boards you have created

Again, this is one of the best ways to fix your Pinterest home feed from outdated recommendations.

Remove “Topics

After doing disable board recommendations, the obvious next step is to delete the topics that mean you are following on Pinterest.

  • If you’re going to the Topics tab, you’ll see several topics that you selected earlier
  • It will show you all topics that you follow on Pinterest
  • Always remember that your Pinterest feed will contain topics you are following on Pinterest
  • To clear or reset your Pinterest feed, you’ll need to remove all topics you might not be interested in
  • After clicking the Remove button below each topic to remove them
  • After making all these settings, Pinterest will now clear your home feed and give you new and fresh suggestions based on the remaining topics

Unfollow “Profiles”

This is the last step to clear your Pinterest feed. This step is crucial, so it is highly recommended that you follow it carefully.

  • This profile tab shows you the list of profiles you follow on Pinterest
  • If you’re following people on Pinterest in one particular niche, your feed will be loaded with similar pins
  • For example, if you’re following profiles related to cooking recipes, Pinterest discovers that you’re more interested in cooking, and they start recommending similar content to your feed.
  • To reset those recommendations to clear your feed, you’ll need to unfollow accounts you’re not interested in
  • To do this, click the “Following” toggle button to unfollow each profile.
  • Finally, do it all on the Pinterest account if you don’t think they’re worth much.
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