What are the Dangers of Using Pinterest (+ 5 Safety Tips)

In this era of the internet, we are mostly concerned about our security and mostly about data security. When it comes to Pinterest, people used to think about its safety and its dangers.

Pinterest.com is like other social media websites and provides easy access to users, but still, it puts you an extra mile ahead of security issues. If you want to use Pinterest safely, you must be aware of the dangers of using Pinterest.

I have mentioned all the dangers and risks of using Pinterest. Not only that, but also I have mentioned how to use Pinterest safely and prevent all the risks of using Pinterest.

What are the risks to know before using Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the best and most popular social media sites on the scene today. It will be beneficial for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest.

Before you go happily “pinning” on Pinterest, you should always remember there may be a time you may face fraud or scams from other users.

Scammers steal several high-end types of Pins and then upload them with a link to their website in an attempt to increase traffic. 

Since Pinterest has simplified the sign-up process, when someone signs up for it, they only need to enter their full name and age in sequence (age is not mandatory), as Pinterest doesn’t know that. Whether this information is correct or not.

You can find different types of Pinterest users where; some are honest, and some users use it anonymously and hide who they are. And to avoid the dangers of using Pinterest, you should be aware of these types of users.

These types of people try to trick others into revealing personal information about gifts or contests with fake pins.

How can we stay safe from Pinterest Risks?

Pinterest is one of the best and safest social media platforms to use. When you sing on Pinterest, there is no need to provide personal information like on other social media platforms. 

The user must sign in, and the password will protect their accounts. So, you have to do very little to compromise by signing up and using Pinterest without any worries. 

The biggest concern on Pinterest is spam or scams from other users.

5 Tips To Stay Safe from the Dangers of Using Pinterest

  • Make sure the pin/board looks authoritative.
  • Collaborate onboard only with users you know.
  • Beware of fake accounts.
  • You can also put your Pins on the secret board when you don’t want users to see your content
  • To stay safe from the risks of using Pinterest, you can adjust your privacy settings again.
  • Don’t click on links that you think might be spammy.

How To Use Pinterest Safely?

1. Hiding Pins

You can hide Pins from other people using the secret board. By default, your Pins are revealed to be public, which you cannot set as private. Instead, you can create a Pinterest secret board, where your pin will go inside that secret board and become private.

2. Cookie Personalization

You have surely noticed that whenever you open Pinterest, it will show you things that are relevant to your activity. It doesn’t just happen on Pinterest; it happens on all social media websites because it’s the most effective way to attract people to spend more time there. 

You must have noticed that it also shows you ads relevant to your activity on that platform, and it happens the same way on Pinterest. Because all these things are based on the personalization of the cookie, you can avoid it.

You can easily do it if you want to turn off these things. All you have to do is go to your privacy setting, turn off the personalization settings, and finally, turn off the cookie personalization.

3. Limit time on Pinterest

To avoid the dangers of using Pinterest and to stay safe on this platform, you can do things that are within your control and that these activities are for.

It’s not hidden; now, social media has become addictive for most people, as they are spending most of their time on it. Such things play a major role for platforms because their goal is to keep you there for as long as possible.

It’s great to use Pinterest and get tons of inspiration, but it’s not good if you spend too much time. To get rid of spending too much time, you can limit your time on Pinterest.


Is using Pinterest dangerous?

Yes, using Pinterest can be dangerous if you do not take care of such things mentioned above. No social media platform gives you 100% security assurance. Don’t click on any pins you see; you’ll be out of most problems.

Should I let my child access Pinterest?

Yes, Pinterest is suitable for children over 13, but remember that you must set your privacy settings. You always have to show your child how to set up a secret board so that only people they can invite see their pins.

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